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Freospace Participation and Moderation Conditions of Use

Scope and Application
This document covers all aspects of community interaction, use and moderation on (“site”), including comments on blogs. By using the site you agree to comply with the conditions of use set out in this document.

Moderation aims
The site provides opportunities for anyone who would like to discuss content published by community precinct groups.  The City of Fremantle (“City”) aims to ensure this platform is inclusive and safe, and that is the place on the net where the community will always find interesting discussions about the things that matter to people who live in Fremantle.

Participation Conditions of Use
Comments and posts on allow participants to start discussions, ask questions, and share opinions.  The following conditions of use apply to any person posting a query, comment or statement or otherwise participating in a discussion on the site.

1. Participants should be polite and respectful in their interactions with others. Fremantle is a community of many types of people, who all have the right to feel comfortable and express an opinion.  Help make an inviting space by making your comments constructive.
2. Do not use offensive or threatening language. We understand that people may feel strongly about issues debated on the site, but any objectionable content will be removed by the City in its sole discretion.
3. Comments/posts must not make false or misleading statements or defame any person or entity.
Any comments or posts that in the opinion of the City comprise a false or misleading statement or representation, misleading or deceptive conduct or are potentially defamatory in nature may be removed from the site without prior notice.
4. Don’t post anything that is discriminatory.
You must not post any comment, statement or opinion that contravenes discrimination or anti-vilification laws or is otherwise discriminatory in nature.
5. Post your own content and respect the copyright of others. You must not post or publish any material that constitutes a breach of copyright or any other intellectual property right. If you use material from another person, the material should be
credited appropriately.  For example, cite the title and the author and link to their website. Where the reproduction of any material would require the permission of the author, that permission must be obtained prior to its publication on the site.
6. Don’t post personal information about yourself or another member. Remember is a public forum and it’s not a good idea to share personal information such as telephone numbers, email or home addresses or social networking information. Participants must not post any information about another person that constitutes a breach of confidence or contravenes any law protecting personal privacy.
7. You cannot sell items, post commercial links or promote a commercial venture on This site is a space for people to interact with each other on community issues, and posting advertising material or links or publicising a commercial service or for-profit venture is not allowed.
8. No illegal use. You must not use the site to engage in any illegal activity, any civil wrong or any other activity that may cause loss or damage to another person.
9. Keep it relevant. If you post something which is unrelated to the original topic then it may be removed in order to keep the thread on track.
10. The platform is ours but the conversation belongs to everybody. When you see a great post/comment you agree with, you are encouraged to share your appreciation.  If you see any questionable content, please let us know. When we all take responsibility for maintaining an appropriate and constructive environment, the debate itself is improved and everyone benefits.

It is a condition of use that you indemnify the City against claims for any loss or damage caused to any person as a result of your use of the site.

Moderation approach
These conditions of use inform the City of Fremantle’s approach to moderating Moderators may be trained volunteers from each precinct group or staff of the City of Fremantle.  Moderation decisions are informed by the context in which comments are made.
1. Participants who ignore the participation conditions of use will have their posting privileges on withdrawn.?This is not an action that we will take lightly, however we are aiming to create and maintain an online experience consistent with the freospace participation conditions of use, and we reserve the right to make decisions which support implementation of the conditions of use. Please be aware that moderators may contact you by email in relation to your participation, especially where an issue comes up in relation to the conditions of use. Any advice or request made should be adhered to, as moderators are trained to uphold these conditions of use and create a constructive environment for everyone who contributes to the site.
2. The City of Fremantle will, when necessary, remove content from the site.  The City of Fremantle will not edit content to change the meaning, spelling, or anything else intended by the user. However, if a contribution to is perceived as breaching the conditions of use set out above, then it will be removed by the community engagement team, in the interests of keeping the site appropriate for the majority of the people who visit. Even if only part of a comment or post is perceived as breaching the conditions of use, the whole comment or post may be removed.
3. The City of Fremantle reserves the right to take steps or implement measures to ensure compliance with the participation conditions of use.  The City reserves the right to remove any postings, information or material published to the site that contravenes any of the participation conditions of use or which the City in its sole discretion considers to otherwise be inappropriate for inclusion in the site and this may be done without any prior notice to the person who has contributed to posting. All actions and decisions taken by the City of Fremantle are final and no correspondence regarding specific moderation activity will be entered into.

Any information published or presented by the City (but not by community users) on the site is subject to copyright.  Subject to State and Commonwealth copyright legislation, information can only be used, copied or otherwise reproduced, distributed, stored or transmitted by users on the understanding that at all times copyright in the information obtained from the site remains with the City, unless otherwise agreed in writing by the City.  If the information on this site is required for a commercial purpose, please direct any request for permission for use to the City in writing.
If you have suggestions or questions about, you can write to

Note about community content
The views expressed on do not necessarily reflect or represent the views of the City of Fremantle, its staff or elected members.


The site (“site”) is hosted by the City of Fremantle (“City”) for use by community precinct groups. The City is making the site available for others to publish information without assuming any duty of care to users.  The site presents content provided by community precinct groups and other parties posting comments. The City does not guarantee or make any representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, about the completeness, reliability, suitability, or accuracy of any information published on the site.  Any reliance you place on such information is therefore strictly at your own risk.  In no circumstances will the City be liable for any loss or damage including without limitation, indirect or consequential loss or damage, arising out of, or in connection with, your use of this site.  Any views or opinions expressed on the site are those of the users of the site and those people posting comments. These views do not necessarily reflect those of the City or any of its representatives.  The City is not liable to you for errors or omissions in the site delays to, interruptions of or cessation of the services provided in the site or defamatory, offensive or illegal conduct of any user of the site, whether caused through negligence of the City, its employees or independent contractors, or through any other cause.  Any linked site on the site is not under the control of the City. The City is not responsible for the contents of any linked site or any transmission users receive from a linked site, nor does the inclusion of any linked site on the site imply endorsement by the City of that linked site.

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