The precinct system divides the Fremantle local government area into 12 distinct areas, called ‘precincts’.  You can find out which precinct area applies to you by checking this map.

Freospace was developed to help community members get involved in their local precinct group.  You can find out the latest news and events, read opinion and comment from other precinct members on the blog and join in the conversations that follow.

The site is maintained by volunteers from each precinct group.

For more information about the precinct system supported by the City of Fremantle, click here.

Precinct Action Plan Update

The City of Fremantle undertook a review of the precinct system in 2010.  A precinct working group was formed following the review to develop an action plan to improve the precinct system, which is currently being implemented by the community engagement team.  A status report on each of the actions is available by clicking on the link below.

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